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Robert Burt Fine Art

Paintings in Acrylics and Pastels

Robert began his love of art in New York, coming into the city to visit the galleries and the art museums as he first studied under his uncle. He moved quickly to classes at the Art Students League of New York in Woodstock. Robert studied with Franklin Alexander, working from a model using charcoal and pencil. He also studied painting and art history at SUNY at Ulster. Soon he had his own gallery in Lake Placid, New York and later moving it to Asheville, North Carolina.

Already a successful artist in his field in the 80"s, a trip to Europe and Asia proved a turning point. Being introduced to new scenery, new techniques, and new ideas encouraged him to begin work in pastels and studied with Ben Konis and Alan Flatteman. Another significant shift came in the mid-90's, when a trip to New Mexico drew Robert to sell his galleries in North Carolina and move to Santa Fe, where the intense colors of the Southwest brought about new, definitive work in acrylics.

He has developed his style by taking from all of his experiences, and the mediums that he has worked with. He uses bold color and strong compositions to portray the landscapes and architecture around him. Robert reduces the scene to it's most elemental and powerful components. Each painting vibrates with artistic energy and color, entertaining the eye and mind. Robert wants to create paintings that convey a bit of mystery and adventure, but also with a feeling of joy.

Robert Burt now spends his time living and painting in a new home in Huachinera, Sonora, Mexico as well as in New Mexico. His paintings are collected internationally.

Roadster by Robert Burt
Roller Coaster Road by Robert Burt
Roller Coaster Road