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Howard Hughes 1936 Lincoln V-12 Model K Aero Mobile

Howard Hughes 1936 Lincoln V-12 Model K Aero Mobile

The GRG International Auto Museum, in Scottsdale Arizona is proud to present one of the worlds most distinctive and timeless automobiles of all time. Originally owned by Mr. Howard Hughes, truly an American Icon and forward thinker for his time. This one of a kind Lincoln K started out as a limousine sedan in 1936 designed by the Lincoln Motor Company. Soon after his purchase, Hughes self - determination , redesigned this car to have the feel and look of half aerodynamic airplane and half automobile. Aviation was one of Howard’s known loves along with automobiles.

Not only was Howard Hughes an aviator and industrialist he was also a film producer and director. The car was historically reported for his use to transport Hughes movie equipment to RKO Radio Pictures sets because of the lightweight aircraft aluminum, which was not accessible to the general public, at the time he had it. The way in which this car was reconstructed, gave it an aerodynamic body that was said to have been able to reach speeds of over a hundred miles per hour. Hughes shaved a reported thousand pounds from the original weight of the car and modified the exhaust and the engine. The true reasoning behind the invention and renovation of this car is still unidentified. The reasons can be endless, the ultimate concept car, pleasure, speed, thrills, beauty, an experiment, you name it, truly genius, an American beauty.

The extraordinary automobile was linked to be Mr. Hughes because of the credit card information found behind the glove compartment of the car, at the time of restoration. The original documents can still be found at the Henry Ford Museum. Only 6 months ago F.E. L. Classics, L.L.C. appraised the luxury automobile at a retail value of $3,500,000. Quite a difference from the original value in 1936 of a retail value range of $5,000 - $7,500!

When you first catch a glimpse of this piece of art, you will notice the brilliant royal blue color of the body, and its radiant red rims. Its sleek and gleaming tail end stands out from the rest, as if stars were shining on the fenders. Red white and blue, a true American thrill to see and a delight to own and drive.

GRG Scottsdale International Auto Museum is truly honored to showcase this piece of amazing history once belonging to the “Howard Hughes”, an automobile that is extremely valuable and a must see, radiant red, white, and royal blue, an American fantasy, originated by an American Hero.

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