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Al DiMauro

Al DiMauro

Al was born in Connecticut, and later moved to upstate New York. As a young boy he spent every oppurtunity doodling his favorite subjects- hot rods, and airplanes. Later in life he began using an airbrush on motorcycle tanks, racecars, and trucks which led to lettering and sign painting, that medium allowed him the oppurtunity to design and create some amazing graphics and lettering on rear engine dragsters, long haul tractor trailers, tractor pullers and nose art on B-52's. Taking his interest in art and racing, he began painting on canvas portraits of racecar drivers and their cars, with incredible detail. The paintings are now hanging in offices and homes all over the U.S. including Hendricks Motorsports raceshop. His new interest has become old rusted cars in fields and wooded areas, where they seem to tell a story of their past and how they may have ended up at their last resting place.

God has given him the talent and passion that he enjoys sharing with everyone.

1940 Ford by Al DiMauro
"40' Ford"

A reflection of the present style
hot rod in a 50's style coupe.
Roadster by Al DiMauro
"Old Farm Truck"

An old farm truck retired in the pasture with other worn out other farm equipment.